We ship thru UPS and United States Postal Service

All orders are shipped out the same day if shipped out by UPS and ordered before 4:00 PM Arizona time. UPS does not pick up here on Saturday, So any order after 4:00 PM on Friday will be shipped out on Monday

UPS Next Day Air is not guaranteed! and they will not refund for late deliveries. If there are any type of weather related problems UPS will not meet the one day schedule.
For any special delivery options like Saturday delivery, please call to make sure it is available

Orders shipped by USPS will be shipped out the same day if ordered before 10:00 am, Otherwise they will be shipped out the following day. USPS does pick up here on Saturday, So if we are open that Saturday, and you order before 10:00 am your order should be shipped

Shipping to your overseas shipping company

If you are shipping from us to your overseas shipping company, the only form of payment we will accept is PayPal

Shipping to another address than your billing address

We will ship to another address, but everything must check out. Most of the time we will get an next day delivery on an MSD item with billing address not matching shipping address. Save your time, we will not ship these