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Holley, MSD, & Mallory Powerboat Parts

When you’re out on the water, you need electrical components that you can trust for your boat. That's why we offer parts from trusted brands like Mallory Marine, Holley, MSD, and Quick Fuel. These manufacturers are known for their performance, reliability, and durability. While they may have started out making automobile parts, they didn’t hesitate to dive into the deep end with their line of electrical components for boats and watercraft.

Any kind of motorboat is a complex system of different parts all coming together in perfect unity to give you the most speed and power when sailing. Carburetors help supply the engine with the perfect fuel/air mixture for optimal performance. Fuel pumps and regulators ensure the fuel is moving throughout the system without flooding the engine or letting it run dry. Distributor components ensure the initial spark reaches all the engine's spark plugs. All this and more happens every time you turn your key in the ignition or start your engine. With so many integral systems, it's easy for a single piece to break and shut the entire thing down. That's why you need parts you can trust, and why we only supply the best.

Connolly Marine is the place to go in Lake Havasu for all of your Holley, MSD, Quick Fuel and Mallory parts. Or order online for fast delivery anywhere in the USA