Welcome to Connolly Marine

To completely understand our passion for boats and this industry you should know where it all started and how we came to be. It all began 1976 when Bob and Dave Connolly opened Connolly Boats in a little industrial building in Costa Mesa, California. Back then Bob and Dave did repair work on inboard powerboats and then became a dealer of Cole Boats. Their love for High Performance Boats moved them into the Boat manufacturing business, where they started their own line. The first being the Connolly 21' Ski Bum. They quickly outgrew the tiny industrial building and moved into a larger facility in Santa Ana, California. At the new building they manufactured a 18' Flatbottom, the 21' Daycruiser and 25' Daycruiser. Their passion for fast, speed boats took them into GN racing with Dave piloting the Strictly Business GN107 in one of their Connolly 21' Ski Bum hulls. The first day the boat hit the water it broke the GN Kilo World Record!

Bob and Dave retired from the boating business, but the desire to be self employed and the passion and love for this industry has brought Dave Connolly back into the business with Connolly Marine. Dave has been around V-Drive, and Jet-Drive boats his entire life. If you have a need or a question, feel free to give us a call or e-mail. If you live in Lake Havasu City or just visiting we would love for you to stop on by. We have one of the most beautiful views of Lake Havasu, right above Windsor Beach.