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Autometer Marine Gauges

Marine gauges are used to monitor key data on a ship or boating vessel, such as speed, oil pressure, battery condition, temperature, and more. These easy-to-read dials provide highly accurate readings to keep you informed about your watercraft’s performance, so you can monitor and better understand the condition of your vehicle. One of the most critical parts to monitor is the engine, and without an oil pressure gauge you can trust, your next trip might leave you swimming back to shore. Easy to repair and replace, Autometer marine gauges mount right onto the dashboard and are built tough to withstand even rough weather out at sea.

We’ve come a long way from wind-powered sailboats to high-speed jet boats, and our navigation equipment has not lagged behind. Technological advances have led to some impressive tools, such as speedometers with helpful features that include GPS receivers capable of displaying odometer information, trip distance, heading info, compass directions, and more. Autometer gauges can monitor just about any vital function of your boat. From tachometers to voltmeters, always stay aware of your watercraft’s performance and never let a malfunctioning or broken part creep up on you again.