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Connolly Marine


Permalite Sea Goin’ Heavy Duty Poxy Putty Permalite Sea Goin Heavy Duty Poxy Putty 24 oz.

Part # PERL-1350-K2
High strength installation or just a quick emergency repair

Our Price: $42.66
In Stock
1" Marine Seal 1" Marine Seal

Part # GLEN-233
Marine Seal

Our Price: $6.95
In Stock
Cam Driven Water Pump Gasket Cam Driven Water Pump Gasket

Part # GASK-130055
This gasket fits between the cam driven water pump and the timing gear cover

Our Price: $5.99
In Stock
Mercruiser V6 & V8 Marine Starter Motor Mercruiser V6 & V8 Marine Starter Motor

Part # QC-863007A1
Quicksilver GM Starter Motor

Our Price: $253.59
In Stock
AN Wrench Set AN Wrench Set

Part # ALL-11100
For use with aluminum AN-style , braided hose fittings

Our Price: $70.43
In Stock
Neovane 3/4 Pump Repair Kit Neovane 3/4 Pump Impeller Repair Kit

Part # GLEN-1018
Impeller kit for the Neovane 3/4" water pump V-505, V-755, H500, and V-750

Our Price: $39.75
(Out of Stock)
-6 Straight Push-Lock Hose End Blue -6 Push-Lock Straight Hose End Blue

Part # FRA-200106-BLUE
Fragola Push-Lock Hose End

Our Price: $3.98
In Stock
Casale Split Case V-Drive Gasket & O-Ring Set Casale Split Case V-Drive Gasket & O-Ring Set

Part # CASA-4200
Set includes 3 main case gaskets, 10 Cap gaskets, 3 lower housing gaskets, 2 Side shifter housing gaskets, and 3 O-rings

Our Price: $35.00
In Stock
Cavitation Control Handle Cavitation Control Handle

Part # BE-5011
9 position deluxe cavitation control handle

Our Price: $412.50
In Stock


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