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Casale Split Case V-Drive Disassembly Procedure with ball bearings
Step 1. Remove the top bearing cap from the back side of the V-Drive Step 2. When the cap is removed, you will see a bearing with a snap ring groove in it. Warm the V-Drive case around the bearing wit
D21 Prop Shaft Seal Install & Maintenance
Installation: Remove old shaft log seal. Keep prop shaft in boat. Deburr end of the prop shaft on outside diameter using a file or stone. Flatten out old set screw burrs on prop shaft using file or a
How to determine marine starter rotation
Marine Charging Systems
Marine Starter Failure
Turbo 400 Transmission Spline Drive Installation
When installing the Spine Drive make sure there is a pilot bushing in the crank. Install the dampner plate on the flywheel and use the spline drive to center the plate, then tighten the plate to the f