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D21 Prop Shaft Seal Install & Maintenance
Last Updated: 09/22/2016
Installation: Remove old shaft log seal. Keep prop shaft in boat. Deburr end of the prop shaft on outside diameter using a file or stone. Flatten out old set screw burrs on prop shaft using file or a stone and finally some emery paper. Remove all sharp edges from keyway so it will not damage the grease cup seal in the shaft log seal when installing.

After the prop shaft is fully deburred apply some light grease or WD-40 to the prop shaft to help the shaft log seal slide on easily. Slide the shaft log seal gently over the prop shaft taking care not to damage or cut the grease cup seal. Slide to shaft log seal into the rubber hose that is attached to the shaft log in your boat.

Reattach prop shaft to V-Drive then tighten hose clamps on rubber hose to shaft log seal. This will let the prop shaft log seal follow the prop shaft instead of being crooked inside of the rubber hose.

Greasing: D-21 Enterprises recommends Lubrimatic blue/green in color marine grease. Place V-Drive / transmission in neutral. Using a grease gun, give 3-4 shots of grease into shaft log seal. Then rotate the prop shaft by hand a few times. This is dragging the grease around the grease reservoir in the shaft log seal. Repeat this process until you feel resistance on the grease gun. Meaning the grease reservoir is full. You can NOT over grease the shaft log seal. All excess grease will push pass the grease cup seal out of the bottom of your boat.

How Often: D21 Enterprises recommends you grease it before every day trip. If you have a race boat we recommend you refill the shaft log seal every pass. You cant over grease it.

Thank You Again, Phil Scherzer

D21 Enterprises
Brentwood Ca.

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